Friday, May 29, 2009

Screening the sun

We like the sun here at Hela Spa and Ted Gibson. But more so, we like to protect ourselves from the damage that the sun can cause. Therefore we have stocked up on everything you can possibly need for the sunny summer ahead!

The Z-Silc is our bestseller and there are many reasons why. The texture is thin, but not runny, and it doesn't clog your pores. It goes on without making your skin oily and is perfect to use as your day-to-day protection. This sunscreen is best for oily to combination skin types.

If your skin happens to be on the drier side, the Ti-Silc is perfect for you. Ti-Silc also comes in Sheer to eliminate the whiteness that a sun lotion can sometimes cause.

For the guys we have a Ti-Silc Scalp Defense (perfect summer gift). This SPF covers the area on your scalp where the lotion doesn't go on as easily as it comes in spray form.

Really, there are no excuses to not be in the sun, as long as you are protected and safe! For a complimentary consultation on what sunscreen may fit you the best, just come on in.
Our sunscreen goddess Amber peeks up behind the bottles...

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