Friday, February 27, 2009

The product crazy massage therapist

Our massage therapist Mary, is writing about her passion; massage cream...

Hela has changed me. When I started here three years ago my only concern about massage lubricant was the glide... with a vague notion that it should be more or less non-toxic (of course at that time I didn't mind that my skincare routine was ivory soap). I shudder at the thought.
I can pinpoint the beginning of my product obsession. It was when I got it into my head that Hela needed to have a customized massage cream... at which time I learned that I could choose things. Power. More eucalyptus for a sports massage blend, OK.... more natural, sure thing just keep it in the refrigerator. More earth friendly? Just use a emulsifier that comes from a different region of the world. That massage cream is like an expression of my soul.
But obsessions are endless and I wasn't completely satisfied. I had to find the perfect massage oil. I wanted more hydration, more omegas, more organic, more free trade, more Nordic.... nothing would satisfy me. And then finally, after a year of looking I found it. Cloudberry Seed Oil. It has been called the golden oil, and I see why. This is the dream massage oil. I almost cried when my sample bottle ran out. The only supplier is half way around the world and had not yet sold to the States yet, but it is almost year. Any day now my new oil is going to arrive. Its like being a kid at Christmas.... only much, much better.

Would you like to win your own massage cream? And maybe a body polish to get rid of that dry winter skin? Comment on this post and let us know how you heard about our blog, and we will select five winners who's names we will announce on Friday the 6th!

Friday, February 20, 2009

The eye cream that Georgetown is in love with

Everyone at Hela is feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Why? SkinMedica's TNS Night Eye Repair tightens and brightens your eyes to make them look fabulous...and seductive... ;-)

Some people take it a bit too far though. Here's Amber kissing her new BFF...