Friday, May 29, 2009

The Hela People Project: James Henderson

Hela Spa and Ted Gibson are lucky to have colorist James Henderson on our team. To get a better grip on the creative process of coloring hair, we asked him a few questions...

1. What do you like most about your job as a colorist?
What I like most about being a colorist is the ability instantly brighten up a clients skin and eyecolor. Haircolor is a quick way to breathe new life into someone's look.

2. Do you have a favorite color, or combination of colors, that you like to work with?
My favorite colors would be the colors of the different seasons- Reds, browns and golds in the fall. Violets, yellows and pinks in the spring. Whites, grays and dark greens in the winter. We should look to some the rich colors in nature to enhance the natural color of our hair.

3. If you could pick any person in the world and give them a hair makeover, who would it be and what would you do?
Paris Hilton! I would color her hair a rich rose gold and cut her hair super short.

4. What sources of inspiration do you draw from when you work?
I am inspired by art and geometry. By placing color in different shapes we can tailor haircolor for haircuts.

5. What hair advice would you like to give the average female Washingtonian?
Gloss! After every service and in between services! This will keep color rich and shiny.

6. What is the most common question that you get from your clients?
The biggest question is upkeep. For highlights every 6 weeks. For single process every 4 weeks. Remember the further away you go from your natural color the more often you will need to touch up.

7. What hair cut/color/style do you think will be the next big thing?
The next thing will be using different shapes in the placement of color to bring the different angles and lines of modern haircuts.

Screening the sun

We like the sun here at Hela Spa and Ted Gibson. But more so, we like to protect ourselves from the damage that the sun can cause. Therefore we have stocked up on everything you can possibly need for the sunny summer ahead!

The Z-Silc is our bestseller and there are many reasons why. The texture is thin, but not runny, and it doesn't clog your pores. It goes on without making your skin oily and is perfect to use as your day-to-day protection. This sunscreen is best for oily to combination skin types.

If your skin happens to be on the drier side, the Ti-Silc is perfect for you. Ti-Silc also comes in Sheer to eliminate the whiteness that a sun lotion can sometimes cause.

For the guys we have a Ti-Silc Scalp Defense (perfect summer gift). This SPF covers the area on your scalp where the lotion doesn't go on as easily as it comes in spray form.

Really, there are no excuses to not be in the sun, as long as you are protected and safe! For a complimentary consultation on what sunscreen may fit you the best, just come on in.
Our sunscreen goddess Amber peeks up behind the bottles...

Vanja's Pick: The Perfect Party Song

Vanja takes the nostalgic route -- "Part Time Lover" with Stevie Wonder! (Was she even born when this song came out btw??)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Don't Have Weekend Plans?? Brighten up with $75 Spa and Salon Treatments!

Come celebrate with us at Hela Spa and Ted Gibson and receive beautiful savings...

::Sunday and Monday May 24th and 25th @ Hela Spa in Georgetown
*Brazilian Brow Combo (normally $110) $75
*The Lena Ohlin or The Greta Garbo Facial (normally $100) $75
*The Stockholm Swedish Massage 50min (normally $120) $85
*Recieve $100 off any Botox or Filler (normally $350 - $700)

::Saturday and Sunday May 23th and 24th @ Ted Gibson at The Collection in Chevy Chase!
*Recieve $75 OFF any color service with our Fab Colorist, James!
*Add on a Specialized Color Glaze (normally $95 - $130) just $50

::Sunday May 24th @ Ted Gibson at The Collection in Chevy Chase!
*All Haircuts(normally $95 - $150) $75. *All Blow Outs (normally $60 - $95) $40. *Spa Manicure and Pedicure with exfoliating scrub (normally 105) $75

Call 202 333 4445 to book your treatment! (Offer only lasts as long as we have appointments available!)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Hela People Project: Photographer Ruthi David

Ruthi David. That's the name of a Virginia-based photographer who we are incredibly lucky to be involved with here at Hela Spa and Ted Gibson. She has won tons of awards and been seen in many publications such as the Random House coffee table collection The Big Book of Babies.

Ruthi will be at Hela Spa for a special mini-session photo event on June 1st from 11am-3pm! To make sure you get a slot, reserve now! These sessions are specifically for mom and baby, or baby/child individually. (For individual baby sessions, babies should be able to sit up on their own.) Please email Ruthi David at for more information or to reserve your timeslot.

We were so curious about this extraordinary woman, so we had to ask her a few questions....

So tell us a little bit about R David Original Photography, for those readers not familiar with your services.
I am a portrait photographer specializing in children. I do the majority of my sessions on location - either in client's homes or outdoors, but I love it when I can meet new people at mini-session events, such as the event we have scheduled on-site at Hela in June. I love talking to children, bringing out a shy grin, coaxing them out of their shell a bit to capture the spark that makes every child unique and wonderful.

What about your job do you like most?
I love meeting people, and I love knowing that I can give a family an image that looks genuine and captures them the way they really were at a given moment in time. Being entrusted with a family's memories is a great privilege.

How did you get started?
Well, I grew up in a house where photography was always an obsession. My mother had a darkroom in our house growing up. You had to be careful that when you got a pitcher out of the refrigerator it was really Kool-Aid and not darkroom chemicals! So I learned to take pictures using film and doing darkroom developing. I went digital when my first child was born, 10 years ago, and just fell in love with the instant gratification aspect. For the next six years I was a serious amateur, and finally decided to make a go of this as a business after the birth of my youngest child in 2005. The rest, as they say, is history!

Where can we find you (website, blog, location)? I live online!! The Portrait Site: | The Event Site: | The Blog:

Friday, May 15, 2009

Our aesthetician Brianne and Mary Amons on Channel 9!

Always wanted to truly understand what's going on with your skin? Check out the video and learn more about the VISIA!

The Hela People Project: Kelly Rose

Name: Kelly Rose

Age: 28

Profession: Aesthetician

Favorite vacation destination: Hawaii, to visit my husband's mom. Or Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, also with family. I'm a family person, I love being with my family.

Three things I can't live without at the moment: Phloretin CF from SkinCeuticals, cute shoes, and the Twighlight series -- I am so hooked I don't even let people borrow them...

Favorite restaurant: La Fourchette in Adams Morgan, for their stuffed chicken with crab and Bearnaise.

In the car I listen to: 91.9 which is the christian station, to avoid road rage, or Dane's selection.

Christy's pick: The perfect party song

Here is what Christy think is the perfect tune for the weekend..

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Hela People Project: Scott Phillips

Name: Scott Phillips

Profession: Massage therapist

Dream vacation: Prague, for the history, culture, architecture, and mix of old and new...

Favorite DC restaurant: Open City, for their Gruyere cheese burger.

Favorite beverage: Bells' two hearted ale, it's a great beer with a cool label.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Hela People Project

I was talking to one of my colleagues a while ago, and we ended up discussing how many interesting people we have at Hela and Ted Gibson, both as clients and as employees.

After mentioning this to our force of nature, and very own Helle Jeppsson, we concluded that we need to highlight this, and share with the world, or the followers of this blog..., who some of these people are. Therefor I started a series of mini-interviews; The Hela People Project.

Here's to people.

Name: Mary Amons

Age: 42

Profession: Mother of 5, Founder/President of Labels for Love, Inc. a non-profit, 100% volunteer organization that supports women's and children's organizations in Washington, DC, Co-Founder of The District Sample Sale a bi-annual shopping event to support the charities of Labels for Love

Favorite place in DC for a picnic:
The Tidal Basin, especially when the Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom!

Favorite place in DC to go for desserts: Leopold's Kafe, an authentic Austrian Kafe in Georgetown with amazing homemade fresh pastries

Dream vacation right now: Paris! Craving to get back to the cheese, wine, cuisine and fashion in Paris!

Favorite treatment at Hela: Since the doors opened, I have been a Hela Spa fanatic! A few of my favorite treatments.... a deep-tissue massage with Jessica and a "The Greta Garbo" Facial with Brianne or Leslie....Laser Hair removal and Botox with Dr. Rachel! ...and can't leave out my love for Ted Gibson and the hair team at The Collections!

Name: Neven Radovic

Age: 30, just turned last week...

Profession: Hair Stylist at Hela Spa and Ted Gibson at The Collection.

Favorite place to eat in DC: Leopold's, for their croque monsieur.

Dream vacation: Hawaii, where I just celebrated my 30th birthday, for the unbelievable beaches, the sunsets in the North West, and the big lazy turtles that crawl out of the water and hang out in Turtle Beach :)

When I'm looking for a night out with drinks and dancing I go to: of my favorite places is Sontana, where people go to dance and sing. It's mixed ages and I think the whole scene is pretty much a local phenomenon...

Last time I had a fun night out: was when I went to L2 and then Lima. The music at Lima is great for dancing.

Favorite spa product and treatment: Robin's or Theresa's massage here at The Collection. And I would not want to live without the Ted Gibson Beautiful Hold Hairspray. It gives the hair a perfect hold, is very light and has a great smell. I love hairspray...

Name: Danielle Martin

Age: 21

Profession: Visual arts teacher at CHAW (Capitol Hill Arts Workshop).

Favorite neighborhood in DC: Mt. Pleasant. For it's mix of people, openness, and great coffee shops such as Dos Gringos! Don't miss their weekend brunches..

Dream trip: Spain, for an indefinite amount of time.

First experience at Hela: In a word: lovely. Jessica found areas of tension that she worked on and the treatment felt customized.

Name: Zahra Choudhury


Profession: Student at Georgetown University

Favorite thing to do on a rainy day:
Wear matching rain boots and umbrella and splash in puddles. *Big smile

Favorite quote: Every day should be a good day to die.

Skincare product I prefer not live without: Night Therapy by Neova ProCyte.

If I could only have one more spa treatment I would get:
The microdermabrasion with a deep cleansing facial (the hand massage is to die for).

Name: Tiffany Spruill

Age: 29


What is you favorite place for dinner: I'm going to have to say the Cheesecake Factory -- for the variety!

Favorite place for dancing:
Zanzibar at the water front in South West DC. Their happy hour goes on until 8pm. Do I have to say more?

Best place to shop: Lord & Taylor -- I just love their shoe department.

For peace of mind and tranquility I go to:
Hanes Point, to look at the planes coming and going from National Reagan Airport.

Favorite skincare product:
M.D. Forte's SkinRejuvanation Lotion II. It's a lotion that is packed with vitamin A and E and it just makes my skin the softest... *smiles


Ha! Check this out. One of our favorites among the skincare brands that we carry -the Swiss darling Alchimie Forever- has a tribute video to their foot cream, 532nm!

Although it's not hard to praise AF's products, this one is special to me. As a choreographer, I am in desperate need of relief for my feet regularly.

The only downside with this cream, and this is a bit of a trauma, is that I once sent it to a couple of relatives in Sweden, as a gift. -- Now they are angry with me for having introduced a cream to them that they are hooked on but can't buy there...! Ada, get on the Swedish market!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Say hello to Ms Erb!

Hela Spa welcomes nurse practitioner and sparkling personality Melanie Erb to our medical team. We are really happy to have Melanie on board. Yes, she brings a wealth of experience from her work in the Division of Plastic Reconstructive Surgery at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University Hospital, but we are mostly excited because her first proposed project was to throw a party!

Melanie is hosting our first Swedish Mother's Day event on Sunday May 10th. Party favors include $100.00 gift cards for botox treatments, and $50.00 gift cards for spa/salon treatments... Fun!

Melanie will be on hand to answer any question (yes any question) about her favorite subjects: Botox, Restalyne/Fillers, IPL, Laser Treatments.

You might just leave looking a little more youthful than when you arrived:)