Friday, May 8, 2009

The Hela People Project: Scott Phillips

Name: Scott Phillips

Profession: Massage therapist

Dream vacation: Prague, for the history, culture, architecture, and mix of old and new...

Favorite DC restaurant: Open City, for their Gruyere cheese burger.

Favorite beverage: Bells' two hearted ale, it's a great beer with a cool label.


  1. Testimony: I had such pain in one of my shoulders that I couldn't lift my arm. It had begun about a month previous and had become increasingly worse. I was resisting seeing a doctor about it, as I wanted to try more holistic healing approaches. Scott came in to work, and had a little open time. I asked if he would be willing to do just a half hour massage on my shoulders. I must admit, it was a little uncomfortable, while he worked on it, but I did note some improvement immediately. But, the best part was that my shoulder continued to improve over the next few days, and then the pain completely disappeared. I have not had any problems with that shoulder since.

    You are an amazing therapist, Scott!

  2. yes indeed, he is an amazing therapist. i also had a speed treatment (the 20 min lunch treatment type thing) with scott one time and the feeling lingered for a long time.